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One is whole, whole is one.


I'm blockchain addicted, because it's going to change the world. That's the main revolution of the last 20 years and the next 20 years.
Ethereum (ETH) Address :
additionally you can pay directly on :
thierry-francois.crypto instead of an Ethereum Address

Internet world

I'm 20 years old experienced with the internet world, when I started, Google was 2 years old and Facebook was not born ! Knowledge of the past can predict the future.

Web Security

Virtual security is a current issue for your smartphone, computer, but also for your private life. Do not let the machines take control of your life !

Team All in one

Became and become, that's my goal.

Young Man

Researcher and learner, always go-ahead...


Accurate and efficient


Thinker, take his time...

I never close my mind to new experiences and ideas, I approach life with humor and seriousness.


I'm listening and stay turned on...